Coolest Armored Batman Costume

My costume is the armored Batman from the Batman versus Superman movie. My Love for Batman extends all the way into my childhood. Ever since a boy I wanted to become a superhero, fight crime and help others in need. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers but uses his extreme intellect and physical strength to outsmart any villain he comes across while maintaining his alter ego under the disguise of Bruce Wayne.

I always wanted to build a truly epic Batman costume but didn’t really know where to start or how to go about it. After a few years seeing all the epic costumes people have been doing and some trial-and-error I decided to give it a go myself and after $73 in material and over a hundred plus hours in design and fabrication I bring you armored Batman.

I wanted to make this costume not only out of everyday materials that anyone can have access to I also wanted to show that it doesn’t take a lot of money to do something truly unique and epic. The costume is predominately made up of yoga mats in various thicknesses. 

Using a plastic Batman figure I got from the store and 3 images I pulled off of the internet I managed to get all the  images I needed  to help me build this. The foam was cut by hand using a razor knife and then glued into shape bending it over my body parts for the perfect fit.  I used a hair dryer to help bend the foam and contour it to my body and used Super Glue and hot glue to fix it together.

For the light up eyes I used the plastic from Tupperware containers that were slightly translucent with a few LEDs behind powered by a 9 volt battery with an on/off switch located underneath the helmet. 

The cape was made from a black curtain that I folded and glued for the perfect size and shape. Small metal hooks on top of cape made it removable and fix right to the chest plate.

To top it all off  the shoulder belt was a piece of nylon strapping with a small Bluetooth speaker attached to it that played the Batman versus Superman music soundtrack directly from my phone hidden on my utility belt.

This costume was not just made to be worn for Halloween but rather all year in hopes that it could be taken to hospitals and other types of charity events with kids. Everyone loves Batman and so do I and seeing the kids face light up when their favorite superhero comes in the room is beyond amazing. I hope you guys enjoy happy Halloween!

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