All this sexy Red Bull can costume took was a quick trip to Joann’s for some fabric. I spent the rest of the time at home cutting and sewing the different fabrics together! For the actual red bulls and yellow circle I just printed that out and cut and pasted using fabric glue.

I also made a pull tab out of a Kleenex box and foil. Just draw out the pull tab on a Kleenex box and cut it and wrap it with foil and attach it to a head band! I had people asking me where I bought this they were so shocked to find out I made it myself! You can even try to make it a couples costume with Jagermeister (Jagerbomb) or a bottle of vodka (Redbull vodka)…you get the idea ! Adding wings to the costume is also an option since the tag line for Red Bull is “Red Bull gives you wiiings”