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Cool Jager Bomb Couple Costume

Our favorite shot has always been a Jagerbomb. When deciding what we were going to be for Halloween, I jokingly suggested we should be a Homemade Jager Bomb Couple Costume. After shopping around at the local Halloween stores, nothing compared to the idea I had. The joke suddenly became a reality.

For the Jager bottle, we built the frame out of PVC pipe. We bought the dark green fabric and sewed it together. The hat was made out of duct work from our local hardware store. For the logo, we borrowed a projector and traced it onto the white fabric. Then, I bought sharpie paint pens to color the logo.

The Red Bull can is made out of hula-hoops and PVC pipe. We also used the projector to trace “Red Bull” and the logo. All the fabric on the can is pleather bought from the local fabric store. The top of the can was made out of cardboard and covered in pleather. A strap was attached to the lid for it to stay on my head.

The costumes were a huge success. Overall, my boyfriend, his parents, and I spent about two weeks planning, designing, and building the costumes. The most time consuming part of the costumes was coloring. It was worth it, because we included every little detail on each costume. One tip I would suggest when building these is to not make them too long since it is hard to walk in them. Lastly, the cost of the fabric and materials adds up very quickly—but most definitely worth it in the end!

Homemade Jager Bomb Couple Costume

Homemade Jager Bomb Couple Costume

Homemade Jager Bomb Couple Costume

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5 thoughts on “Cool Jager Bomb Couple Costume”

  1. I love this costume! How did you do the back of the red bull can with all the nutrition facts? Did you trace it on with the projector as well?

  2. Yes :)

    We used the projector for all the nutrition facts and used a pen as an outline. Then went back with sharpies and colored it all in!

    Thank you for the compliments!


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