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Sexy Homemade Ninja Turtle Costume

As a bartender you never really have a set schedule, so when my boss called me two days before Halloween and asked me to dress in a Ninja Turtle costume to match the theme of the bar, I threw what I had together!

I put a green bra on top of a yellow bra.
I had my friend apply washable yellow and brown paint for my turtle abs.
I had the green shorts I wore.
I used a ribbon as a belt with a homemade foam R.
I tore up some red socks to put on my arms, legs and to use as a mask.
As for the turtle shell it was actually a doggy costume and we tied the legs together to turn it into a backpack.

Did i mention that I have no idea where the swords came from? Hahaha! I’m sure you can find them anywhere, though!


Sexy Homemade Ninja Turtle Costume

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