So me and my best best friend are obsessed with dexter so we had to be dexter and  the victim for Halloween I was dexter.. my costume was pretty easy just bought a skirt the color of dexter pants.. Then bought the shirt he use when he kills and then got an apron  from my job and a face sheild and put some blood on the face sheild..oh and tge leather gloves cant forget those. My best friend was the victim she bought a nude dress and we wrapped her up in plastic.we put some blood in the plastic around tge chest area in tge plastic.. and then bought a rubber fake knife cut the end if the knife so it was flat and then glued it to her chest area… She was had a hard time sitting and going to the bathroom  but she looked awesome lol Anyone who didn’t know dexter obviously didn’t know who we were but all those dexter fans out there loved it.. it was so much fun… I wanna be the victim one year..