My partner and I were stumped as to what our costume was going to be last Halloween. That was until my boss at work was about to throw away a roll of plastic wrap. Then it hit me! We would go as “Dexter Morgan and his Victim”. This was a perfect idea for us since we are huge fans of the show.

With only 3 days until the Halloween party I rushed to the local costume store to pick up a few things;

(for Dexter)

– a syringe,

– a knife,

– a wig,

– a pair of gloves,

(for the Victim)

– lots of plastic wrap,

– some fake blood,

– fake wounds

– makeup

The remaining things I could find around the house;


– green “kill” shirt,

– black apron,

– khaki/cargo pants

– work boots.

(the Victim)

– some nude colored undergarments

– nude colored tights

– nude colored shoes

I decided to make an I.D. badge for Dexter like the one he has on the show. I just copied a couple of pictures from a search engine and put them all together in paint, printed it off and glued it to a piece of cardboard. I used a plastic protective sleeve to makeshift lamination. I then found a long chain to feed through the badge in order to hang it as a necklace. (photo provided)

I couldn’t wait to put it all together! I knew we would look so awesome! So finally on the night of the big Halloween party we got everything together.

Dexters costume was fairly simple.

– wig – on

– outfit – on

– kill tools – in pocket.

Dexter was ready to go!

My victim costume was a little more tedious though. Let’s start from the top…

I decided to do a messy, off the face hair style. I simply teased the crown of my hair and pinned it back. For my make-up I darkened my eyes and made my skin very light otherwise. The signature cut on the cheek was easy.

– Use black eyeliner to create a black line along the cheekbone to add depth and make it stand out,

– Go over the line with some blood-red lipstick, and/or dark eye shadows ([purple,blue,black,grey] for a slight bruising effect)

– lastly, I dragged some fake blood downward on it and placed a drop at the end of my fake cut so it would look like I was bleeding a bit.

The next step was the outfit. After getting all my nude colored garments on I needed to literally wrap myself in cling wrap. Honestly, this was annoying and it made me dizzy. You will understand why if you ever attempt this costume. I required some help, so be sure to have some patient helpers around!

Before the last few layers around the chest, I applied a fake wound and some fake blood. then completed the last few layers around.


(my shoes were too big, so I cling-wrapped them to my feet, and it ended up being an interesting addition LOL)

We got SO many compliments on our costume and I was so flattered and excited when people asked to have pictures taken with us! The only downfall to this costume is trying to top it in 2012!