This Dexter and Victim costume is very easy to put together. Everyone at the party loved our costumes.

-Green Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
-Khaki Cargo Pants
-Black Apron
-Face Shield (purchased at Home Depot)
– Syringes

-Nude Slip (or could be nude underwear if you’re daring)
-Saran Wrap (used 1 1/2 rolls)
-Clear Tape
-Fake blood
-Plastic knife (blade cut off)
-Dexter cut tattoo

 Instructions for Victim:

The easiest way to wrap yourself is in 3 parts (top, bottom, & middle). This process is much easier if you have someone to help you wrap yourself. First, start by wrapping the top part on yourself. If you twist and turn the saran wrap, it will create cool effects and hide whatever you are wearing underneath.

Second, do the bottom half of your body. The trick is to stand with you legs open at least shoulder width apart so that the saran wrap is not too tight. This will allow you to walk, move around, and be able to lift your dress up to go to the bathroom.

Lastly, wrap your midsection. Wrap a couple of times and then drop some fake blood and continue to wrap until you hare satisfied. If you want to include a knife, simple cut off the plastics blade and leave only a small part of it so that you can wrap it around. Clear tape works well as well.


  • Make sure to add some clear tape to the ends when you finish wrapping.
  • This costume will make you hot, so be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Be careful going to the bathroom. Gently and slowly slide the bottom part up.