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Rock Star Legends for One Night: Axl and Slash Couple Halloween Costume

The Halloween party we went to was all of our neighbors and good friends we see on a daily basis. When we walked in, not a single person had any idea who we were – meaning they knew right away that we were Axl and Slash but didn’t have a clue who was behind the costume. My wife Jamie literally became Slash that night – everyone was absolutely blown away by her costume!

Making the costumes:

Wigs were obviously a key ingredient – straight blond wig for Axl (with red bandanna folded over the top/front) and a crazy curly black wig for Slash (with black top hat, of course). Axl’s kilt was just a long piece of red plaid fabric from Joann Fabric that I had cut to fit around my waist.  From Halloween outlet: 2 pairs of mirrored aviator style sunglasses, tattoos, Gothic jewelry. Axl – black leather boots with white socks. Slash – jean jacket, t-shirt from Goodwill, black boots, tattoos, jewelry, limp cigarette hanging out of corner of mouth – nice touch!

Jamie as Slash on air guitar and me having perfected my Axl Rose dance moves (particularly from the ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine ‘ video) kicked in to high gear as the music and the drinking picked up the pace.

All in all it was a great night. We absolutely stole the show. Took home the hardware for best costume (Obviously!!) and just had an awesome time being rock star legends for a night!

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