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Coolest Homemade Slash Costume

Just before I left school, my year group were allowed to dress up in fancy dress for the day and get out of lessons for a “celebration” day that the school holds every year. For my costume I went as Slash and my friend went as Axl from Guns ‘n Roses. My Homemade Slash Costume was really easy to make and the only thing I needed to buy in the end was the wig as I already had everything else.

To start with I used the top hat I had been given for Christmas which can be bought from many fancy dress stores or even charity shops. They usually cost about £5-£10 depending on where you shop for one. The next and last thing I had to buy was the rocker’s wig which again can be bought at pretty much every fancy dress shop and will cost you about £10. The great thing about these wigs is that you can use them over and over again and all you have to do it cut or shape it to the style you want. For the glasses I used a pair of really cheap black aviators.

The clothes were easy to put together. I used a long black t-shirt that belonged to my brother, a pair of shiny leggings, a leather jacket (but you should use any black jacket) and a pair of my mum’s motorbike boots. All of these things can often be borrowed from friends and family so you shouldn’t have to buy any of it. I also managed to find a couple of belts to tie round me which again were borrowed.

And that was all basically! For added effect you could try and hunt down some fake cigarettes and a guitar. Although if you are going to use a guitar I suggest you either get a blow up one or one that you don’t mind getting destroyed – you never know what may happen!

Total spent: £18

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