Back in the spring of 2014 my 4 year old son brought me the E.T. DVD and asked me if he could watch it. Together we watched the movie and became deeply connected to the character E.T. His love for E.T. was cinched when he saw Elliot introducing Star Wars action figures and during the Halloween scene there was a child dressed up as Yoda. My son Asher has an obsession with Star Wars and was Yoda last year for Halloween ( also a costume that I made).

Anyway, from that spring up until Halloween Asher repeatedly asked to be E.T. for Halloween. I debated whether or not I could successfully pull off an E.T. costume. I, having a Yoda costume under my belt, thought about whether to do it or not since there was no trying.  I have learned to follow my son’s passion, as it has lead me to the deeper parts of myself, seeing his eyes light up magically as he gets into character!

And so the journey began…

Foam Block

  • Purchased two sheets of 5″ foam.
  • Cut into squares and glued together with spray glue.
  • Let dry.

Sculpt the Body and Head

  • With an electric knife sculpted the shape of the body and head. This was the HARDEST PART.
  • Hollowed out the body.
  • Added Polyfill to the head to give a soft shape.
  • Applied spray glue to the head and added Polyfill where needed to give dimension.
  • Covered head with fabric.
  • Spray glued foam head and applied knit fabric over the head, smoothing out over the Polyfill.

Functioning HEART BEAT

  • Purchased LED red tube lighting that pulsates.
  • Placed inside the chest cavity of body.
  • Applied fabric over body.

Create EYES

  • Found clear plastic.
  • Cut into eyeball shape.
  • Used model paint to paint eyes.
  • Used fabric and bra pad inserts to create eyelids and glue to head.

Step 5: Aligned Velcro down the CB of the body to seal closed when worn.

Step 6: Purchased alien hands, painted color to match body, inserted LED light into finger.

Step 7: Used flower pot and fake flowers, inserted foam into the pot and inserted flowers.