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Coolest Homemade Rafiki Costume from The Lion King

This is my Rafiki costume (from the Lion King) that I made for my Son Joshua. I used a pattern to sew the furry suit, but actually it was quite tight on him for October 31st…

Making the Rafiki Costume

I started with Styrofoam block for the face and carved it to the shape. Then, I added it to the headpiece with spray insulation foam. I created a big pile on top of a kid’s hardhat headband with a towel in a garbage bag to fill in where his head would be.

After hardening, the Styrofoam section was stuck to the insulation foam. So, I carved the skull shape into it and cut out the holes to align it with his eyes. I made the ears separately with spray foam and the tail was spray foam around a section coat hanger to keep it from breaking and to keep it up.

Once I was happy with the shape, I covered it with white tub and tile caulk so it would be smooth and soft and would also accept acrylic paint. Then I covered the top portion of the Rafiki costume head with the gray fur and sections of the longer white fur.

The cane was cut from a 2×4. It was carved into the shape and torched and stained to look like a branch. The gourds were papier-mâché around small balloons. I put seeds inside so it would even rattle and attached them to the stick with twine. The hands and feet were made from small tan work gloves with the fingers filled with cotton on his feet.

The blue butt patch on the Rafiki costume was felt. The stomach area was short white fur. In addition, a bit of long white fur was hot glued to the chin.

I followed this up with a store bought stuffed Simba.

Creating Pride Rock

Then, I built a plywood Pride rock and covered it with thin Styrofoam sheeting and carved the rock shape into it and painted it. Under the base of the rock I placed a battery speaker with a CD looped with the Lion King Soundtrack.

Here are some more awesome homemade Lion King costumes.

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

38 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Rafiki Costume from The Lion King”

  1. I love how creative you are. It must have taken you a while to make it. It turned out awesome, your son must be very proud to have you for a mother.

  2. That’s got to be the cutest kid’s costume I think I have ever seen!!!!!!

    You cen tell how much was put into it. Really nice work!

  3. Unbelievable… If you had not showed us your pictures I would had thought you had purchased it at Disney world… Wow… You are an amazing Mom… Great JOB… Awesome Costume..

  4. Gracious, that is like SUPER FRIGGIN DUPER! I LOVE it..sweet costume. You did the best job, don’t know if Disney could actually do it any better!

  5. I think you might have another profession waiting for you. Amazing work – I’m sure he took the neighborhood by storm on Halloween. Hope you can get a lot more mileage out of it for all the work you put in. :)

  6. That is the best costume I have ever seen! Well designed, well executed and well everything else I can think of. You are the official god of costume making. Now I am going to go and cry because there will never be a better costume made in the rest of the future of the universe! Well done :o)

  7. Its truly AMAZING!
    I’m sure you gota lot of satisfaction doing this!
    It shows that u REALLY value Life!
    You INSPIRE me!

    I can see that this costume was made with love.
    Wonderful work, it is truly a piece of art!

  9. I really hope everyone who’s commenting/commented realized that the person who made this was male and therefore was “dad” and not “mom” xD
    And this is the best bit of blackmail a brother could ask for. Can you say “Flyers”?

  10. You are one talented mom! Wish I have your talent, esp that I need one of a Simba costume of Lion King (Broadway version). I’m desperate, enough to ask you if you make such costumes for sale.

    How long did it take you to make this costume??

  11. You have incredible talent! How much would it convince you to make one for my daughter?

    Let me know!! She would love it!

  12. That costume is flippin wicked! really really great, well done mummy, your kid is very lucky to have you!!!! i bet every other kid was jealous of his costume!

  13. I’m going as Rafiki for a fancy dress, haha, and this costume is the cutest and most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, so jealous, well done!

  14. How long did this take to make, and which pattern for the suit did you use? My son needs to be Rafiki for a school musical in March.

  15. Way to go, Dad! You made a great costume! Can you tell me how much, and how long it took to make this costume. My son has to be Rafiki for a school musical the beginning of March. What pattern did you use to make the body of the suit and how did you attach the work gloves to his hands and feet? So many questions, but I need help!


  16. I am positive that Joshua was the coolest kid trick-or-treating that Halloween! This is INSANITY! How did you do this so wicked epic-ly? Way to go, DAD! Hahaha I love how everyone said way to go “Mom”… but she did good too! 8oD

  17. this costume is absolutely amazing!! i want to be rafiki for holloween!! is there any way you could make this costume for me?? i will pay whatever price to have it done!! if so email me at yeager2828@bex.net please!

  18. WOW, im shocked that was home-made. i usually make mine and my sons as well, and they come out cute. i love doing it. but THIS is WAAAY impressive, best h/m costume everr. thanks for some good ideas:)

  19. YO! That was toadly rad how you made that costume for your
    Little son which is why I’m planing to make my own Rafiki costume. So I retyped the steps you used on my iPad in the notes tab. My dad said he’d help me make it when we get back from our vacation in Florida at my aunt Vivian’s house. I’m also planing to make my own simba hat from the lion king musical.
    You are a genius for making this new costume

  20. Thank you for the nice comments. This has been a few years back and my Son is all grown up now. I have done so many more creative projects since then. I currently volunteer for Stage Crafters Community Theatre where I design and build many sets for plays.


  21. I love it. You did a wonderful job. My daughter is having a Lion King party and that costume is perfect. Are you willing to sell your creation? If so, I’d buy it. Please email and let me know if you are willing to sell that costume.


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