Coolest Homemade Rafiki Costume from The Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

This is my Rafiki costume (from the Lion King) that I made for my Son Joshua. I used a pattern to sew the furry suit, but actually it was quite tight on him for October 31st… Making the Rafiki Costume I started with Styrofoam block for the face and carved it to the shape. Then, … Read more

Coolest Pagemaster Costume

Adventure Book Costume from the Pagemaster Movie

This is my Adventure Book (Pirate) character costume from The Pagemaster movie I made for my Son Joshua. I started with a cardboard frame and glued on some thin foam carpet underlayment that is shaped into the book form in the back and glued the seams with contact cement. The arms were cone shaped and … Read more