Cool Rafiki Costume

This year I decided it was a good idea to dress as something fun for Halloween, and since I was low on budget I had to make something big from what I had. So, one day I was baby sitting my niece and we where watching the Lion king which is one of my favorite movies ever and there was this part of the movie in which Rafiki holds Simba and is the song of “the circle of life” and my nice was so excited and in that moment.

I was scrolling down Pinterest and thought “why not?” I had an amazing experience doing this costume! I decided to make this costume because I just love disney and my friends and I were making this contest of the most original costume of the group. Of course I decided that I was going to make a big entrance so, I made sure that when I entered the room the “La Ziwena Amanizimama” song was playing in the room and I walked in leaning like a monkey with my stick. I had a great time and won first place.

For the suit I used some grey leggings and shirt that I already had, for the beard I used a headband and attached cotton to it with super glue and some silicon, for the stick I used a broom stick and since it has some fruits on it I made a hole in both fruits and tied a knot on them, I used an apple and an orange! (my mom made me eat them afterwards)

For make up I used some tutorials I found on youtube and went to the local costumes tore and bought some blue, red, white and black make up, as for the top part of my hair I had a half up do and put some baby powder to make it seem like it was gray and on the back I just curled it and thats it.

I hope you guys like it and vote for me!

Cool Rafiki Costume

Cool Rafiki Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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