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Adorable Beast Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

My daughter decided she wanted to be Belle for Halloween. She decided this in July. I had already decided her brother was going to be a Roman soldier and I was going to paint abs on his baby belly. She had a different idea. She wanted baby brother to be the Beast. Because my favorite movie as a little girl was Beauty and the Beast I said ok to her Halloween costume for baby boy!

Making our Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

Well, I had no idea how I was going to make the suit jacket. I didn’t want to buy a baby suit pattern because there’s a 100% chance I would never use it again. I had a t-shirt pattern and I went from there. So, I folded my fabric in half placed my back pattern piece down and added about an inch to the sides so it would have enough ease for the non stretch fabric.
I just went with the flow and after I got it cut I held it up to my 5 month old’s body and saw it was too long so I started cutting some length more off. For the front I cut two separate pieces and like with the back piece I had to rough cut it. I wanted it shorter in the front like a penguin style tux jacket. I also added a few inches to seams of the sleeves as well so it would fit better.
Before sewing the sleeves on I added the trim so it would be easier. After I sewed all the seams it was time for the fun stuff… decorating the jacket.

Finishing Touches on the Jacket

I bought gold trim and attached it to the edges of the jacket. I had planned on making a collar but after several attempts of drawing my own I gave up and decided it would still be cute without it. For the pants I used a legging pattern and used the same gold trim I used for the jacket.
Up next was the undershirt. I used a simple white onesie. I didn’t want to make a full best because he would never be wearing it after Halloween. So I drew out a vet pattern and used the same fabric I did for the Belle dress. Then, I attached it to the sides on the front.
I used gold buttons for the vest. I didn’t sew them onto the onesie because I wanted it to be able to stretch because he has a big belly.
For the lace on the front I used lace trim and put it on a white piece of fabric in rows so it would nice and fluffy. I hand stitched that on to the neckline of the onesie.
The last thing was a blue bead. I searched everywhere for a blue rhinestone or even button but I found blue beads on clearance and it was perfect!

The Hat

I used brown fabric and made his hat. Since I didn’t use a pattern I had to fix it twice so it would fit his head. I used a strip of faux fur and hand stitched it to the top the hat. For the horns I used felt and stuffed them with fluff filling so the would be 3D. I tried to sew them on by hand but the kept flopping over.
So I pulled out my hot glue gun. I put a generous amount on the hat and attached the horns. The ended up being too far apart so I pushed them together with glue.

Halloween Costume for Baby Boy Conclusions

Finally, I was finished. I must say I have the most adorable baby Beast!

Halloween costume for baby boy

Halloween costume for baby boy

Halloween costume for baby boy

Halloween costume for baby boy

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