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Zazu and Rafiki Lion King Costumes

It took about 2-3 days to make these Zazu and Rafiki costumes. Zazu is made out of different color felts from a craft store and clothing articles we already had. We made the beak from a thick cirlcle of felt and cut it to size.
For the beanie we used smaller pieces of felt and cut to size to make eyes and small hairs. In total Zazu took about 1-2 hours for wings and head piece to dry. We took orange paint and painted shoes we no longer used took about a day to complete.

We bought Rafiki’s stick at a craft store and painted brown and well as the hanging decorations. The holiday medal nuts we attached to the end of the stick were bells which gave it a similar sound like rafikis stick has in the movie. We purchased a baboon mask online and made changes to resemble Rafiki more. We painted it to match the colors to be true to the movie as well as added some hair to the chin area. The pants and shirt were seperate to make bathroom use easy. Everything was hand sewn. The tail was a wire hanger with card board at the ends for no poke accidents haha.As for shoes we covered old slip ons with brown felt.
In total took about 2 days to get all the peices to fit properly.

All in all a success! Everyone was asking to take pictures! It was great!

Zazu and Rafiki Lion King Costumes

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