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Punny “All About That Bass” Costume

As a teacher, the fall is always a busy time of the year. Since it is my first year teaching, I was stressing about Halloween approaching and how I would manage to get a costumer together in time for Halloween, all while keeping up with day to day stresses.

The favorite song this year in my class has been “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. My students sing it all the time. So it got me thinking, why not play off a terribly (but AMAZINGLY CHEESY) pun, and be a BASS FISH!

Friday arrived; Halloween. I still have nothing other than the idea. The idea of going out for Halloween in a typical costume just takes the fun out of it. I hymmed and hawwed about it for hours, and then started to cut an empty candy box that was left over from out class party to see how it could be made into a fish.

When I got home, I was suddenly committed. What started as a box, was slowly shaping up to be a great looking wide mouth bass. Fins, gills and the perfect color wrapping paper later, I have a half decent looking fish head.

But no! I didn’t stop there. I took out my paints and added texture that took my costume to a new level. I was amazed how my energy levels went from low to high as my fish turned from drab to fab!

So I was off to a party now, with a fish head. I paired my outfit fishnet tights, yellow contacts, face-painted scales and a sign around my neck that said “No Treble” to make it clear that the fish on my head was related to the song. When I arrived at the party, people were excited about my costumes. Many enjoyed my attempt at representing the catchy tune, but with it being a large crowd of fishermen, I gained some major brownie points for my attention to detail in creating the bass!


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