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Punny Halloween Couple Costume: “Tulips on Your Organ”

This Tulips on your organ costume was great and simple to make. It got many laughs and comments,very fun to watch peoples expressions when they put it together,very simple to make. Get a cardboard box to fit a man’s waist, cut out center spray paint brown, add another strip of cardboard to front and make a keyboard. I made mine out of poster board, glue song sheet to front and use wrapping paper rolls in back in different sizes, buy gold rolls, glue on.

For girl 3 bundles of fake tulips, two under arms and one in back. Now tape to body. Watch peoples reaction, they crack up and the dummies take awhile and then the light bulb turns on. Unique and simple.

Punny Halloween Couple Costume:

Punny Halloween Couple Costume:

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