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PCH Sweepstakes Couples Costume

This PCH Sweepstakes couples costume was one of the most entertaining costumes to create! We had to purchase some random everyday items like flowers, but we also had to construct a giant check! The costume also would not be complete without the balloons lol.

Prize patrol had a badge on, microphone, and professional attire. I was rocking my rollers, robe, and slippers! Not only did the costume include material but it wouldn’t be half as effective without our character and personality! The whole night we literally had to perform. From me screaming and jumping up and down in excitement from winning my check to prize patrol interviewing me about my winnings. We had to remain in character at all times!

We went to a local Halloween party and we were a hit! People were coming up to us left and right and absolutely loved us! Sometimes we would ‘share the wealth’ and hand the check and flowers to someone else and they would get so happy and to see their face light up was great! We would walk around the bar making our rounds doing little skits and make the whole crowd laugh.

I woke up the next morning a little sad that I didn’t really win $1,000.00 a week for a life! I got so into character that I really thought I won for a second! But we did win a gift certificate! It was an amazing night. So many compliments. Hard work paid off! And to think it all started with a small idea thought of around a fire in September by 2 best friends.

Who could have thought we would have so much fun!? Who new we would make such an impact at the Halloween party? Halloween 2015 will for sure be a Halloween to remember! Without a doubt, hands down, best costume ever.

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