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Publishers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol Group Halloween Costume

This Publishers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol group Halloween costume our department did one year at work. We got foam board at the craft store to make our “prize check”, and wrote it out accordingly. Most of us acted as the prize patrol, dressing in conservative attire, with one male member of our team acting as the main member of the patrol, carrying around a microphone, which was his own from a band he was in at the time.

We made a bouquet of roses from silk roses from the craft store, and wrapping them in blue satin ribbon. We made name tags out of the extra foam board, and printed out the Publishers’ Clearinghouse logo on them, We glued pins to the backs and wore these. One of us carried a bunch of helium balloons, one of us carried a camera, and the others carried the check. Two of us dressed as the lucky couple, the wife in a house coat, hair in curlers, slippers. The husband with his shirt hanging open and a can of “beer” in hand, which was really just soda with a label we made to cover it.

We acted the entire scene out in front of the judges, and won 1st place. This is an excellent, easy and fun group costume!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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