Instructions on making the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol and $10,000,000 Winner Costume:

Go to the thrift store and pick up a men’s suit, dress shirt, and tie, and woman’s robe.

Purchase pink rollers and roll hair up.

Cut out a a piece of cardboard and paint it white, allow at least 24 hours to dry. Then using the computer, print off the from, to, amount, and check number. We signed ours from Ed McMahon. Tape the entire piece of cardboard with clear packing tape to protect the check from your evening of partying.

Using your computer print out a piece of paper that says Prize Patrol to tape over an old button.

Then on your way to the party, stop at the grocery store florist department and pick up 4-6 balloons and tie them to a clip. Clip them to the back of your shirt UNDER your jacket so they hover over your head.

Make sure you have a pocketful of those annoying stamps Publishers Clearing House makes you sort through to order magazines to hand out to party goers all night and tell them, “You may already be a winner!”

This costume is a riot and is guaranteed to win you best costume!