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Coolest Publishers Clearing House Costume

Instructions on making the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol and $10,000,000 Winner Costume:

Go to the thrift store and pick up a men’s suit, dress shirt, and tie, and woman’s robe.

Purchase pink rollers and roll hair up.

Cut out a a piece of cardboard and paint it white, allow at least 24 hours to dry. Then using the computer, print off the from, to, amount, and check number. We signed ours from Ed McMahon. Tape the entire piece of cardboard with clear packing tape to protect the check from your evening of partying.

Using your computer print out a piece of paper that says Prize Patrol to tape over an old button.

Then on your way to the party, stop at the grocery store florist department and pick up 4-6 balloons and tie them to a clip. Clip them to the back of your shirt UNDER your jacket so they hover over your head.

Make sure you have a pocketful of those annoying stamps Publishers Clearing House makes you sort through to order magazines to hand out to party goers all night and tell them, “You may already be a winner!”

This costume is a riot and is guaranteed to win you best costume!

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27 thoughts on “Coolest Publishers Clearing House Costume”

  1. My husband and I will going as this to our annual party. I think this is a great and inexpensive idea for a couples costume!!
    great Jo whoever thought of it!!

  2. After browsing through online stores trying to find the perfect costume, I end up finding the best here, and they are all homemade. I may have to do this.

  3. I am putting this together right now! Thanks for the great idea. I cannot wait to go to our Halloween Party this year!
    Thanks again for the SUPER idea!

  4. You gave me the laugh of the day. It’s so unique and simple and yet hilarious. My boss and his wife were looking for something to go as when I happened across your pic, couldn’t stop laughing. I told them that I’d make the check and the pin for them and all they would need to worry about is the clothes and balloons so they agreed. Another couple always blows the others away, but I told my boss, with this costume “you can take ’em!” I’ll let you know if they win!

  5. That is soooo funny! My husband and I have to do something at church – this is clean – we can have fun while not spending much $$$. All I need is the rollers and a check and balloons. Thanks so much :)

  6. I did this last year and it was a huge hit! I dressed as Ed McMahon and even found his signature on the internet to use on the check. I love the idea of the balloons and stamps! I had one of my friends carry the balloons and camera, but I had never thought about using the stamps. Great costume!!

  7. Love your creation! Could you post more check details or more pictures of your check? I would love to see exactly how you made it/how it came out. It would be a big help… thanks!

  8. Me and my sister in law did this this year at the last minute. it took no time really to put together and we got first prize at the party. We also got some big play money too and had hanging out of our pockets and passed it around. We had a ball. dont know what to do next year now. thanks for the super idea

  9. My friends and I did this one back in 2001 for our Senior Dress-Up Day in high school! The three of us dressed as the prize patrol (took the 80s business woman route – bright blazers with shoulder pads, teased hair) and would run up to people in the hallway, telling them they’ve won the prize. It was a blast :)

  10. Have a halloween party tonight my husband and I are dressing up as. We did go to the thrift store and got a suit and even a tie with money on it! I am wearing my Halloween pajamas with slippers!

  11. This is an awesome idea!! Thank you for posting it!

    My husband and I used your idea tonight and people loved us!

    So simple and it only cost us about $5 for the balloons (from a grocery floral area) and foam board (from Dollar Tree). The rest we already had. :)

  12. Big HIT, and super fun to do. Thank you for the great idea! Went to Michaels and got a custom size foam board for the check and it all came together perfectly. Have fun with it!

    Melissa and David

  13. Here it is 2012…and me and a co-worker are dressed up as I type!! EVERYONE….has had a BLAST with us. What a HOOT!!! Thank you!! 4 years later!!!!
    LaLa,Prize Patrol
    Di, The WINNER


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