Original Mario Brother’s Toad Costume

From start to finish I spent 4 hours making this original Mario Brother’s Toad costume.  It is made of things I found at Goodwill.  It consists of a white long sleeve t-shirt, white pants, a blue t-shirt, a gold vest, a red place mat, a round box and scrap white t-shirt from another project.  The hat and the vest took the longest.  For the vest I cut the blue t-shirt into a vest shape then cut the edge off the gold vest and sewed it to the blue vest.  The hat took forever, cuz my son decided he liked the 1up mushroom more than the toad hat.

I took the round box and covered it with a large white t-shirt rectangle piece, using hot glue.  The red place mat was cut into the biggest circle it would make and I sewed 4 small white felt circles and one larger one in the center.  Then folded down the raw edge and sewed it to the top of the box leaving a gap to fill with fiberfill then sewed it shut.  I used a black permanent marker to draw the eyes.

The pants had to be shortened because they were women drawstring pants.  For some reason there were no boys white pants.   Put it all together and I got my little 1up Toad!!  He loved it, everyone loved the hat.  And it only cost me $7.50.  The cheap ones at the store cost $30 and didn’t look all that great.  Thanks for looking.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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