Coolest Homemade Mario, Peach and Toad Family Costume

Who doesn’t love Mario?

This is my husband and I and our son. This homemade Mario, Peach and Toad family costume was pretty easy to make.

Mario – I bought navy blue pajama pants for the overalls. I bought two and cut up the other one to make the bib of the overalls but you could use blue felt or something. I just cut out two strips for the overall straps and just tucked them into his pants instead of sewing it. I used yellow felt for the ‘buttons’. I got the red shirt from a second-hand store.

I hot glued 3 pieces of red felt to a baseball cap. Glued one piece to the brim. Glued the edge of a second piece around the edge of the front of the cap with the excess going upwards and the third piece around the back of the hat. Then I gathered and folded the excess red felt around the top of the cap and pinned it down so it was a little poofy in the front. The “M” is made from paper and glued on.

Peach – I got the dress from a second-hand store and sewed extra fabric at the bottom. I painted designs on the front with pink nail polish since it used to have “B” on it from when I was Barbie years ago. The jewel on the front and crown are foam glitter stickers from a craft store. The crown is made from yellow card stock.

Toad – I just had him wear a diaper and brown sandals. The vest was basically just a piece of blue cloth with holes cut for the arms. I didn’t even hem it! The hat was made from a foam ball. I cut it in half and scraped out the middle for his head. I painted white and red on it and hot glued an elastic strap inside to keep it on his head.

Homemade Mario, Peach and Toad Family Costume

Homemade Mario, Peach and Toad Family Costume

Homemade Mario, Peach and Toad Family Costume

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