My son wanted to be a pickle in a jar this year for Halloween.

The jar was very simple to make.  A hoolahoop, clear shower curtain, full sheet labels printed with pickle nutrition info and logo, hot glue, ribbon for trim of “jar” and some green yarn to hold/hang it in place.

The pickle was a little more difficult as it involved sewing without a pattern. I can get by with basic sewing techniques but I am not a professional seamstress by any means.   I used dark green fleece fabric (for child size costume).  Cut the fabric in panels tapered for the “hood” and slightly pointed at the front bottom panel only (for a pickle like look). Sew panels and top together. Cut out arm and face holes.  I painted lines and dots along the front and back of the costume to immitate the bumps and shadows of a pickle with black and green glow in the dark fabric paint.  I printed two pickle logos on labels and stuck them on a scrap piece of cardboard.  The larger label was then secured with a safety pin on the hood on a slant as “the lid of the jar” and a smaller label was pinned on the front (optional).

Very original costume to say the least.