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Awesome Group Costume Idea: #ShareACoke

Our group has been friends since we were in college. More than 15 years ago, we’d be the one giving out treats, now that we have our own kids, we go around the neighborhood trick or treating with them! :-)

It has become our annual tradition to make our own group costume, which to our delight, never fails to put a smile on others faces :-)

This year, we decided to do the #ShareACoke coke bottles, complete with bottle caps as hats!

The bottle labels were printed from an A3 printer, the artwork was done on the computer using the program CorelDraw, but if you’re used to using Word, I’m sure you’ll get the same effect! The layout even included Nutrition Facts & ingredients to make it look as close to the real label as possible :-) we laminated it just to give it a nice glossy look.

For our hats, we did the shape of the red bottle caps by using red paper cut to a circle, then cut slits all around the circle & stapled to get a nice ripple effect

We taped headbands underneath the caps for easy wear-ability, & elastic strings to hold up our labels :-)

Each label was unique! Like thbottles coke bottles, each of our labels were personalized with our own names :-) ex. Share A Coke With Trix for the adults, while since our kids were ages 2-5 years of age, we decided to put on their labels Don’t Share A coke Yet with ( child’s name ).

So, since we had our names on our labels, people we didn’t know, called out our names, especially the kids, saying ” nice costume Ethan! Good job Nica!” complete strangers would stop driving their cars, just to have their photo taken with the group! We of course obliged :-) Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you try this! Enjoy!

Awesome Group Costume Idea: #ShareACoke

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