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Coolest Homemade Rum and Coke Couples Costume

We wanted to come up with an awesome couples costume that no body has seen before so we decided on a Rum and Coke Couples Costume.

We started with a white sheet for the rum bottle and cut it down to fit around me. We then sewed (we actually used iron on hem) the two sides together making it like a tube. We used the existing hem at the top to thread a string though to tighten it around your neck. About 1 foot down, we sewed in a clothes hanger bent in a circle to help the tube keep it’s shape. This sits on the shoulders when you are wearing the costume.

We then cut the arm holes and added labels that we printed off the internet of our favorite brand of rum. We found that if you used clear packing tape over the labels, it stuck better. For the hats, we used bristol board and added labels to that as well to make them look like the bottle tops.

For the coke bottle, it is made the same without the coat hanger. Also, we sewed red material around the middle of it to make it look like the label before adding the decals.

We won the Halloween dance we went to! It was a big hit!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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