Who didn’t love searching the world for Carmen Sandiego growing up?  The mystery, the intrigue, the geography lessons.  Those were the years when Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego were the go-to computer games—the years of my childhood.  Now that I’m grown up and have long hair for the first time in years, I realized I kind of look like the thief Carmen.

Finding the hat was relatively easy;  a costume shop in a particularly unique part of Atlanta had the fedora and a little colored ribbon helped the look.  I had the pashmina scarf already, but the dress was the most difficult.  Five thrift stores later, I found an abandoned Delta uniform from who knows what decade.  The red was perfect!  It looked like a trench coat!  But it was long, too long for an adult Halloween party (natch).  So I took up the inseam and added a pair of thigh-highs and heels.  Who says you can’t use your feminine wiles when stealing international monuments?

Oh, and you can’t forget to have Rockapella playing on your phone when you enter a room.