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Coolest Homemade Carmen Sandiego Costume

I was in love with the computer game ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” as a kid, and was brainstorming the idea of being some sort of character in ‘popular culture’and not a ‘dead bride, princess etc’

I went to Value Village and miraculously found a perfect skirt and suit jacket set for about $10.00, used some black tights and knee high high heeled boots that I already had. I bought an old yellow childrens Halloween costume and cut it up to make the band around the hat and the ‘blouse’ that went under the suit jacket. The felt hat was bought at the Costume hub ‘Dresser’ in Vancouver. I wish I had longer, darker hair but it still worked amazingly!

Please note, this Homemade Carmen Sandiego Costume was my 2008 costume, and I am not trying to enter the 2009 contest, but just want to post my costume! Thanks

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Carmen Sandiego Costume”

  1. When I’m in French class we play this on the computer (in French though so I don’t really know whats going on).I can tell that the game is old though.

  2. Actually the Game came from the TV show that was on Public TV. In ND it was on Prairie Public TV. They actually came to Fargo, ND to do promotional stuff here.
    Love the costume! If you want the dark hair for it, you can use black spray hair color or a temporary (wash out) hair dye.

  3. Actually, the TV show was much much later than the game- I was playing Carmen Sandiego in elementary school. The show didn’t happen until the mid-late 90s, iirc.


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