The mask started out as a Dollar Tree plastic mask and a balloon for support.  I put the mask on the balloon then covered it with four layer of paper mache, going all the way around to the back of the head and covering the ears; each layer adding to the details of making it look like the faceless demon of the Nurse.  Once it was completely dry and stiff I spray painted the entire thing flesh covered then used dark red, brown and black acrylic paint to create the detailing of the mask.

The dress I bought a professional Nurse’s uniform dress. I put tea bags in the pockets and soaked the entire dress in a sink full of instant coffee till it was a nasty tan color and then hung it out to dry.  Periodically while it was drying I put the left over coffee in a spray bottle and spritzed it to create some more staining. Once I was happy with how old and dirty it looked I used acrylic washes of the same dark red, brown and black to make the dress look even more dirty and bloody. After that I cut off the hems  from the bottom and sleeves then tattered it up some more.

To finish the entire costume I used brown face paints and rubbed it all down my daughter’s arms, legs and on her neck and chest to make her look dirty.  Then I used red, blue and black to create lots of veins going up and down her arms and legs and down her neck and chest.  She looked truly gruesom when we were all finished.

The hardest part of the mask to make sure it was sturdy enough to hold up to being taken on and off and that it covered enough to make her look featureless yet still be able to see.  The funnest part of destroying the dress using the coffee and paint.

We had a lot of mixed reactions while out wondering the neighborhood.  She really played the part to go along with the costume.  We got a lot of Oh My God that is awesome, 5 or 6 who asked her to pose for pictures because her costume was so great and looked so close to the movie character.  Quite a few kids and adults alike screamed and ran when she approached them in character.   Quite a few people even crossed the street to avoid her because they were scared.  I spent a good part of the night laughing at everyone and their reactions to her costume.  She also had a blast scaring everyone while trick or treating.  She didn’t even come out of character while getting candy.