Homemade Silent Hill Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I made our own Silent Hill nurse and pyramid head costumes this year.

For the nurse dress, I used a XL men’s dress shirt ($10 from Walmart) and took it in to fit better. I then soaked it in tea to make it brown and added accents with brown and black makeup and blood. I then painted veins on the white nylons (I didn’t have time to do this day of, so nylons seemed like a smart idea!) and veins on my exposed skin. I also made my hands black and faded it up my arms, for a burnt/ashed look.

The nurse mask was a bit more difficult. This was my first homemade mask, so it was a learning experience. I used a foam head, wrapped in duct tape and covered it in latex rubber, leaving eye holes and a small nose hole to breathe through. I applied a few more layers and let it cure. A day later, I applied another layer, followed by cheese cloth and repeated this a few times to create texture. I let this cure one day as well, before painting with tea water and brown and black paints. It turned out AWESOME, except the layers of cheesecloth took away some of the elasticity of the mask that I had to latex only, so keep this in mind when making yours – make it bigger! I ended up having to cut the back open and cover it with more cheesecloth – no one could tell. ;)

My boyfriend made his pyramid head plus giant butcher knife from foam core and paint. He did his kind of last minute, so it was missing a few details that I would of like to have added, but turned out good none the less! We used a glue gun to get everything together and smeared black makeup and blood on his ‘skirt’. We also painted his exposed skin with some veins and bloody cuts as well.

We also painted our faces – his face was all black, so it was hidden under the mesh and I made myself look possessed, for when I wasn’t wearing my super tight mask! :)

Homemade Silent Hill Couple Costume

Homemade Silent Hill Couple Costume

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