We are the Pyramid Head and Bobblehead nurse from the movie Silent Hill. With the 3D movie just coming out it was perfect for us to dress up as them! Everything but my nurses outfit is home made, that was bought, cheaper than making, so I improvised with tea dye and fake blood. My mask was paper mache with paint and gauze to make it look like a nurse’s face wrapped up and I walked with a bobble twist.

Pyramid head was made out of cardboard and lots of paint and time. We rented stilts to make the pyramid look, talk and big just like in the movie. Fabric for apron was easy to make and black paint to make, looks more dirty and burnt and lots more fake blood. His knife we just made so big, it was 8 foot tall its self  and with fake blood.

We entered into a local bar for a costume contest and won first place, exciting for only starting 2 weeks before Halloween. This was a fun costume to make and walk around in, weird when people want to take pictures with you when you don’t look so pretty.  haha.