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The Only ‘Oregon Trail’ Costume You’ll Ever See

The computer game “Oregon Trail” [circa ’85] always ended with me getting dysentery in grade school  (in the game, not on the playground.)

This Oregon Trail costume was an easy costume to put together, the key parts are:

1. Custom Oregon Trail sign (which is a foam picture frame found at craft stores painted in old school Mac tan).

2. Bonnet – I found a pattern online but opted to purchase on Etsy for $10.

3. Black long skirt, brown long sleeved bo-ho style top, white’ish floor length apron.

4. Zombie’ish make up – white face with black around the eyes is creepy but not too scary.

5. No smile.

This one is a crowd pleaser because it’s never been done and any costume that makes someone go – “I loved that when I was kid! Is a great conversation starter. My favorite comment was, “I can’t even look at you without laughing, I keep remembering the bad names we used to put on our tombstones when the teacher wasn’t looking!”

I just sent a picture of this to my now retired 4th grade to teacher who replied, “You loved that game! Even if you died of dysentery or small pox or drowned in the river or….”

Overall one of favorite costumes, easy to move in, good ice breaker and it photographs great. Downside – be prepared to have your picture taken A LOT!

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