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Coolest Night at the Museum Family Costume

Each year, our family chooses a Halloween Theme.  This was the year for the Night at the Museum Characters (taken from both movies).  Our costumes were made out of inexpensive fleece found at our local Wal-Mart.  Where we live, it is usually cold on Halloween and I didn’t want anyone wearing coats over their costumes. After all, it takes me nearly TWO to THREE months to sew and put all these costumes together!  Some of our characters had to have extra warm thermals to wear under their costumes.  I’m sure they wouldn’t have that problem back in Octavious day!

Atilla’s breastpate was made out of imitation leather found at Walmart.  We made a padded vest out of any material I could find sitting around (insert old pillow case), then we cut the leather in strips and sewed them, overlapping, onto the vest.  I then took a vitamin bottle cap, dipped it in gold paint and then “stamped” the sections to look like metal.  We also made arm cuff’s and then painted the nail head trims on them.  We did the same with Octavious and Kamunra.  We used pajama patterns for both little Nippy, and the Custard.  We just cut and modified them as we needed.

For Napoleon, we took the black fake leather, lined it with fleece,  and cut and made it to slide over his leg like a leg warmer.  We attached it to his pants so it would not move and voila… instant boots (he had to wear black shoes).  Custard got a separate lapel piece that snapped onto the front of his shirt.  He also had an “Aurora” wig that we gave a haircut to!  He had a separate lapel piece that snapped onto the front of his shirt.  We sewed the red tie so that it was a part of the lapel so he wouldn’t lose it.  We used gold buttons to give it that extra flair.

For Amelia, we made her riding breaches, using the pajama pattern.  We just made them extra slim and sewed some patches of fake leather on the inside of her legs.  Her jacket and boots were found at a local second hand store.  We cut off the hood and dyed the coat to make it darker.

Kamunra took a lot of creativity.  We just cut a tunic to fit his body and made his gear out of lightweight material.  We ended up using a milk jug for his helmet.  Lots of fake gem buttons.

For little Jed, we made his vest out of the fake leather, lined it with fleece and then sewed the outline of a lapel and the pockets and buttons on it.  Very simple!  We found his boots at the second hand store and spray painted them black.  We used a simple Indian dress pattern for me and just had fun making it.

I can honestly say the BEST part of this was walking around our neighborhood and seeing people we knew, not recognize us, then when they did,  they knew exactly what movie we were!  I will never forget the look of my husband walking down the streets just having fun!  This was the best costume year we ever did!

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