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New in the Box G.I. Joe and Barbie Costumes

I am always looking for new and clever ideas for Halloween. I mean, anyone can buy a costume! But, I like the challenge making a costume brings, and the reactions from friends, families, and neighbors makes it all worth it. Now every Fall everyone starts asking, “What are the kids going to be this year?”  It’s always a secret too!

A co-worker sent me a picture of a pregnant friend at a Halloween party. She was “Expecting Barbie” and that’s when I knew I had to run with this.

I have a boy and a girl, and they have been doing couples costumes for as long as I have been making them.  So, I knew I needed one for him also.  We gave him the choice of Ken or G.I. Joe.

The boxes were puchased at UPS and cut down to size.  They were primed and painted with spray paint. I had extra white felt, so I place that behind them to make the “toy” pop.   I created straps to keep them on (like the backpack straps with clips). Those were strapped under their outfits.

The signs were purchased at a local signage store.  Each box played a snippet of either the G.I. Joe theme song or The Barbie Girl song.  Those buttons came form Build-A-Bear and were the favorite part of the costumes by far! The attire was found at Goodwill :)

Can’t wait to top this one!


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