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Coolest Homemade G.I. Joe and Barbie Costumes

G.I. Joe & Barbie In a Box were our cool homemade costumes this year.

The first challenge was finding boxes. We looked at local appliance stores etc to see if they had any leftover appliance boxes. They recycle them too quickly, so we were out of luck there.

We decided to just buy the boxes. So, we purchased two Wardrobe Moving Boxes. These were the perfect sizes. Sometimes you can find these free online at Craigslist.com, otherwise you can purchase them at most UHaul-type facilities.

Then, we purchased spray paint – pink for Barbie in the box, and black/brown/army green for the G.I. Joe box. I recommend priming first, especially for the pink. It took a few coats, and about 4-5 cans of spray paint to make sure it was thoroughly coated. Had we primed, it may have taken less paint.

We cut out the windows for the front of the boxes, and then used chalk to write the logos (easy to erase). Once it looked good, we painted the logos with white paint.

We added the Mattel logo to the Barbie box and Ages 4+ on the G.I. Joe Box.

We went to the Build a Bear store and purchased the “record your own” buttons that usually you would stick inside the bears with a pre-recorded message. Instead, we used these on the outside of our boxes. For the Barbie box, we recorded a snippet of the song “I’m a Barbie Girl”, and for G.I. Joe, we recorded a snippet of the G.I. Joe theme song. We wrote “Try me” or “Push Me” under the buttons.

For Barbie accessories, we had a tiara, wand, sparkley wallet; we adhered these with twist ties to the front of the box. You could also use jewelry, hair accessories, etc. We decided on putting these on the front of the box instead of inside, so they would be seen more easily.

For G.I. Joe accessories, we had plastic guns, a grenade and binoculars, etc.

For Barbie’s dress, we found something cheap at Value Village, but any Prom dress could have worked. She had a blond wig, long white gloves, and lots of make up.

For G.I. Joe, he had camouflage army clothing, etc.

For the plastic covering on the front of the boxes, we went to a fabric store and purchased clear vinyl. You can purchase it by the yard and in different thicknesses. Almost any of them would do.

Super fun costume to put together! But where will we store it when not in use?

 G I Joe and Barbie Costumes

 G I Joe and Barbie Costumes

 G I Joe and Barbie Costumes

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade G.I. Joe and Barbie Costumes”

  1. My daughter and son in law made this costume and I was so impressed with all the work she had put into this. This was the best homemade costume and idea I have ever seen. Excellent Job!!! Aren’t they just adorable.

  2. I love the idea of using G.I. Joe instead of Ken. There are a lot of songs about G.I. Joe and Barbie getting together, so that is really funny! I will have to use this next year with my boyfriend! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. I love the team work by you and your husband, me and mine do the same things together to try and cut cost and i love how easy and efficient you build your costumes.

    Thanks for the tips when i get my barbie box made i will send you pic, I plan on using your technique to build 6 box for a production number i am doing with some friends here in Kc,MO

    Thanks again for your story,

  4. I love it, but don’t have time, skill or patience to do it. Will pay for supplies, your time and shipping if u make me this box!

  5. How did you transport the boxes? We have a party to go to that is a 3-hour drive so not sure how to get them there once the boxes are completed.


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