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Coolest Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

First, I bought a large wardrobe box from U-Haul for my Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume. The box itself was a little too deep, so I cut it down to size so my body would stand out towards the front. Next, I cut out the showcase window. I used primer to paint the entire box white, then spray painted it Barbie pink. I was able to find the Barbie logo – print it out and trace it onto foam core.

Using an exacto knife, I cut the Barbie letters out, painted them, and used hot glue to fix them to the costume. I left the bottom of the box as flaps that would normally fold in – this made it easier to transport the costume. Purple fabric with flowers lines the inside of the box. I also made an accessory display to go inside my box with items like a cell phone, hair dryer, brush and shoes.

I wanted my Barbie to be a talking Barbie so I got a pre-recorded button that has sayings like, “Lets go shopping! You are too cool! Hey girlfriend! I’ve never had a friend like you before.” I attached it into a foam core talk bubble on the front of the box. For the back of the costume, I printed out talk bubbles that had the same sayings as my button.

The tricky part was how to wear the box and still be comfortable. I attached a small pink backpack to the back of the inside of the box and wear the entire box as a backpack. I added an extra strap around my waist that held the box upright.

The inside of the box was a bit dark. I added battery operated lights to the top of the inside to light me up. My tutu is homemade, I painted my shoes blue with acrylic paint, wore a pink glittery dress, a purple satin sport coat and Barbie like accessories to top it off.

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

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9 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume”

  1. How did you make the box less deep and put it back together? Also, how did you attach the back pack and waist strap to the box?

  2. Hi,

    I cut the box down to be thinner and used duct tape to fix the corners back together. I used hot glue to fix the backpack to the cardboard inside (after I cut the front of the backpack off so only the back and straps were left). The button was purchased online from build a bear.

    Good Luck!!


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