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Coolest Barbie Costume

The idea: As a blonde, being a Barbie for Halloween is a pretty standard idea. However, having a reputation for going all-out on Halloween I didn’t want to be a blonde dressed in pink saying I was Barbie. While discussing Halloween costumes with my friend she suggested we be Barbie’s in boxes. Perfect. It would be unique, creative, and it would stand out.

The construction of the Homemade Barbie Costume: To make our Barbie boxes we got wardrobe boxes and left the top and bottom open so they would be tall enough to stand in. Using a razor we cut out an opening on one side so you could see in the box. We then covered the entire box in pink wrapping paper (I found the perfect color at the local CVS and bought all the rolls they had) using tape and staples. I free handed the Barbie logos and we printed out a Mattel logo that we found online and glued both on to the front of the box. Since Barbie always comes with accessories we added some to the inside of our boxes as well. On the sides of my box I attached a pair of hot pink heels (using a lot of tape and some push pins to support from underneath), a brush (using sticky tack), a gaudy pink ring and a charm bracelet (the charms were shoes, purses, and lipstick). In the back of my box I draped a scarf to look like a curtain. In my friend’s box she pinned a pink boa in the back, a pink heart change purse on the side, a pink bracelet, sunglasses, and a pink cell phone. To finish up the boxes we covered the front hole that we had cut out with cellophane. To make it easier for us to get in and out of the boxes we attached one side of the cellophane with tape and used magnet tape on the other side so we could open and close the cellophane part in order to enter and leave the box.

The dolls: We both wore pink dresses, in the typical Barbie fashion, and painted our nails pink. I wore fake eyelashes to give a more doll-like appearance, piled on the blush and wore pink lipstick.

Homemade Barbie Costume

Homemade Barbie Costume

Homemade Barbie Costume

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