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Most Unique Dinosaur Costume Ever

Here is a custom homemade unique dinosaur costume made from a satin green material with cotton in the middle for comfort and looks. This is all hand sewn and each of the dinosaur spikes are handmade with a piece of cardboard in each spike then sewn together.

The dinosaur eyes are made from a large bouncy ball then painted. I also put black streaks on the dinosaur to give it that flared up look, so it is more realistic. The teeth are handmade and crafted by me from paper mache. Through the teeth hole is where my son can see out of. The dinosaur head believe it or not is the heaviest as it is made of paper mache. My 4 year-old son does well holding up the 67lb head. Esch toe and each finger also took a lot of time as they too had a lot of detail with the sewing.

The basket is handmade from straw/hay bales. The eggs in the basket again are paper mache and I bought a dinosaur and have the egg appeared to be hatching by cracking the egg myself. My son walks and I have an invisible string pulling his eggs around, my son loves his homemade unique dinosaur costume and I hope that others will too!

Homemade Unique Dinosaur Costume

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