Most Accurate DIY Harry Potter Costume for Under 50$

So my work has an annual costume contest. This year the theme was witches and wizards. So I decided to do Harry Potter. With all the details I was able to win amongst my pears this year. This costume is relatively simple and has a huge impact. Everyone at work loved the details and how I looked just like the movie. People at the gym loved it and could not believe who I was.


  • Glasses (Harry Potter specific 3.99$ at costume store, hippie glasses 2.99$ and just need to punch out the lens)
  • Stick/wand (can be found or bought for 6.99$)
  • Burgundy cardigan (Used my own but can be bought at Walmart for 16.93$)
  • Robe (Bought at costume store for 20.99$)
  • Tie (Bought at costume store for 9.99$)
  • Black dress pants (Used my own but can be bought)
  • Makeup stick (Used my mom’s but can be bought at all cosmetic stores.)
  • White dress shirt (I used one of my own but can be bought for around 10$)


  • Get dressed in the clothes.
  • Draw a lightning bolt on your forehead with the makeup stick.
  • Put on the glasses and be amazed at how often you get the looks.

That is about it, this is a very simple costume.