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Mommy’s Favorite Preggo Cravings Family Halloween Costumes

With this being the last time I would be pregnant at Halloween, I wanted to take advantage of my growing belly and incorporate it into the costume somehow. When my oldest said he wanted to be a pickle, it clicked. He could be the pickles, my youngest, the chubby hubby ice cream and we’d have mommy’s favorite preggo cravings.

To make it I used two collapsible hampers from Ikea (they were cheapest there and the right shape). I cut a hole in top for both, but since my oldests head was a bit bigger, I attached suspenders for him, I cut arm holes for my youngest.

I had a big roll of art paper which just happened to be the exact width from the top of the hamper to the bottom, so all I ended up having to measure was the length around the hampers. After this I sketched out the containers onto the paper, shaded in with color and had it laminated at the local School Box. Threw some leggings and long sleeved shirts underneath, made me a shirt that said “momma’s favorite cravings” with arrows pointing to each and that was that.

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