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My Magnificent Maleficent Homemade Costume

So on a long flight home after enjoying ten days of fun in the sun on my honeymoon I had the opportunity to watch Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. It was all the inspiration I needed for this years Halloween costume. I have always enjoyed Halloween and enjoy even more challenging myself to make the best, most realistic costume each year. I am known as the Halloween queen among my friends.

So the planning began. I bought a simple dress pattern that I knew could be modified but finding the perfect fabric proved to be much more difficult. A magnificent Maleficent couldn’t be made with just a basic black fabric. It needed to have depth and texture. And then there it was, the perfect fabric ended up being the back side of some gorgeous silver fabric. It was perfect!

The dress itself took very little time to make but it was a little challenging to fit to myself.  With a little help from my best friend and a lot of pinning it ended up fitting like a glove.

To make the collar piece I found some super stiff interfacing and a roll of tie wire.  With some creative cutting and a lot of sewing I made the bendable collar that would soon frame Maleficent’s face.

Now for the trickiest part of my costume; the headpiece. It had to be perfect or Maleficent wouldn’t be magnificent. I found some ratty old horns at Goodwill that had the basic horn shape but they were far from looking like Maleficent’s beautiful horns. With a sharp knife and some creative shaping the plastic horns were beginning to look better but now the question was how to get them to stay on my head.

I bought a cheap black swim cap and my husband taped the horn to my head with duct tape. With a quick batch of paper mache glue (made with flour and water) and bunch of torn up newspaper the magic began. As I sat on a stool in our dining room my husband layered wet slimy newspaper all over my head. After 10-15 minutes of drying he would add another layer and then another and another.

It took several hours to get enough layers on my head so that it would not collapse when I took it off. What a crazy way to spend my Sunday afternoon sitting around with a paper mache head with horns but it would be worth it. Once the piece was dry all it took was a little bit of black spray paint, a roll of electrical tape and some black pleather and voila my magnificent Maleficent had a headpiece.

All I needed to finish the costume was a staff. A metal rod, a roll of electrical tape, a glow in the dark baseball, and a stuffed crow finished the project.

It all came together with some creative makeup and I couldn’t forget her magnificent green eyes. That was accomplished with contacts I ordered online.       MAGNIFICENT MALEFICENT!

My Magnificent Maleficent Homemade Costume

My Magnificent Maleficent Homemade Costume

My Magnificent Maleficent Homemade Costume

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