Right from the moment I saw the trailer for Maleficent, I was inspired to create this modern take on one of the classic villainess from Disney. Also, Maleficent is just an all around strong female character a.k.a. she’s a badass, I said it! But creating this whole look did take some time, especially the horns.

To start with the construction of the horns, I bought crayola model magic clay. I think this clay works pretty well for head pieces because it is pretty light weight and there is no baking required. It dries in one to two days, maybe three depending on how thick your pieces are. I used one bag of clay on each horn. Once I molded my horns into the desired shape I wanted, I set them out to dry. Once they were dry, I hot glued white rope around the entire horn, this step is to create the grooves you would normally see on a natural horn. Once finished with that step, I wrapped black electrical tape around my horn until it was fully covered. This was probably the most time consuming part of the horns because electrical tape isn’t very sticky. Also, depending on how curved your horns are, this will be slightly difficult to do. It’s recommended you use one long continuous piece of tape but I made little cuts here and there so that it would better fit the curve of my horn. Once I finished both horns, I hot glued the bottoms of my horns and stuck them onto a thick headband. Unfortunately, the headband I bought wasn’t quite comfortable, whenever I put it on it felt like they were going to squeeze my brains out. To remedy this, I hot glued little cosmetic sponges to the ends of either side of the headband, ahhh, much better! The head band was a little top heavy but once the head wrap was on, it stayed nice and snug in place. For the point I purchased snake skin felt and hot glued it onto the bottom of the head band, I finished the edge of with some velvet trim that I bought by the yard.

For the head wrap, I bought some glittery stretch fabric, I cut about a yard long and 5-6 inch wide and wrapped it around my head and tied it in the back. I had planned to wear shorts that matched the head wrap but the weather was way too cold to even think about that. For my top, I used an old corset I had. I tore off all the old cheap lace and added a feather trim to the bottom to represent Maleficent’s wings. I embellished it with a purple feathery gem in the middle and I sewed the snake skin felt that I used for my head piece onto the bust of the garment. I sewed little purple velvet flowers here and there to give it a pop of color and laced up the corset with a purple string. I made a lace choker and two lace bracelets out of lace I bought by the yard. I simply sewed ribbon at each end so I could tie it to my hands and neck. So they wouldn’t flop around on my hands I sewed a loop at the tip of the center of the lace on each of my bracelets so I could slip my finger through and they would stay in place. I used the same lace to trim the overcoat I made out of black velvet (I freehand made my pattern for this overcoat). Instead of wearing the shorts I made, I decided to wear black pants which still looked good, so I was content. I completed the look with a dark lip, contoured cheeks and black suede wedges. Overall, one of my favorite costumes I’ve ever made.

The reactions I got from people were awesome. I’d hear people pass by and whisper to their friends “Oh my god, it’s Maleficent.” I was the only Maleficent I saw all weekend so I felt original wearing my costume. Lots of people stopped to take photos with me and everyone wanted to check out my horns and touch them. No one could believe I had made my costume, especially the horns. I felt amazing and powerful in this costume, like a confident strong women.