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Magnificent and Malicious Maleficent Costume

This is my interpretation of Angelina Jolie’s character in Maleficent. This revamp of the classic Sleeping Beauty moved me so much I just could not help but to channel my inner Maleficent. I absolutely love that this film changes the way women are interpreted in movies so often to feel we must be ‘saved’ by Mr. Prince Charming. It shows us that there is, sometimes, a truer and deeper love. I think this film also perfectly displays that revenge can make you lose sight of what truly matters, and can ultimately fill your heart with hate.

The jumpsuit was purchased. I designed and created my wings/cape and my “widow’s peak”, and purchased wire horns which I wrapped my hair in.

Typically you see Maleficent dressed in black and (if you are referring to the classic in Sleeping Beauty) in purple as well- which represents royalty. I interpreted the character Maleficent, in the live action film, as more of a creature of nature and less of “royalty”. I chose to go with green for the lining of my cape/wings.

As an aspiring designer, the cape was actually my first piece that I have ever designed and created from scratch. I had to measure myself, and size it on myself which was rather difficult. The feathers on the cape are individually cut from felt and hot glued onto the shell of my cape. I burned my fingers quite a bit! Ouch.

My widows peak was a lovely piece of crochet lace that I found and sewed it to hair clips to secure it to my head.

My birthday happens to land on October 31st. Being that my passion is in fashion, it is the perfect opportunity to express my creativity. All in all, this took me quite a bit of time to piece together but I am so happy with the results. I hope you enjoy, Happy Halloween and happy birthday to me!

Costume Design/styling, Hair, and makeup by: me, Marisa Urban
Photography by: Jacqulyn Currey Photography, Arizona

Magnificent and Malicious Maleficent Costume

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