Magical DreamWorks Logo Costume

This costume took my blood, sweat and tears to make. I never did carpentry before so it was quite a challenge. The moon was cut using a jigsaw and painted with house paint. Each gem was glued on individually and that took some time.

A lot of trial and error was done before the final product due to my little experience with wood and power tools.

My favorite part of my costume is the pose because that is what made my costume recognizable by kids and that made them so excited. I have had some crazy reactions from adults and kids.

Some of the stuff said were: “The movie is about to start!” “I love you for doing this” “Have you caught anything yet, fishing boy?” “That is crazy good” “Now that is different” “So unique! I have never seen someone do that before!”.

I recently wore this to a costume convention and people literally swarmed me. Photos were taken, kids wanted their parents to take pictures of them with me.

It is truly magical to make kids smile and be happy. There were so many precious moments at that convention that I couldn’t even count it all!

I entered my DreamWorks Logo cosplay in the convention’s costume contest but I didn’t place. I just got a mention but it was still great. It was extremely fun day for me to be recognized in some way for my work.

One of the hard parts of my costume was simply moving it around for good lighting, good pictures, etc. I made it work somehow, with the help of my good close friends to carry parts of it as I changed locations.

My hard work paid off because it made me happy to make others happy with this piece of work. My love for DreamWorks is strong and it will never die.