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Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” Homemade Halloween Costume

Keeping with the pop star theme each year for Halloween I had to come up with another idea. What better way than to bring it back to the very beginning, Madonna from her VMA performance “like a virgin”.

I went to Ardenes and loaded up on pearls, crosses and all the costume jewelry I wore. I bought star earrings and removed one of the crosses from the necklace and added it to the other earring, so I wore one earring as a star and the other as a cross. I had crinoline from a previous costume which I wore under my white skirt (purchased from a Halloween store)  the white corset was purchased from the same store (Halloween spirit). I went to Dollarama to find a lace table cloth which I cut and used as a hair bow. My hair dresser friend did my hair like every year. Since I have very long and very straight hair, I had sit with rollers in for an hour and a half. She styled it complete 80s. The boy toy belt was a must which I order from Amazon. The lace gloves can be found at a place like Ardenes or any Halloween store usually.

With my makeup I made my eyebrows darker and thicker and did bright red lips. I used black eye liner for the mole.

I had so much fun as Madonna and my hair really completed the look. Can’t wait for next year.




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