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Coolest All-Girls Group Costume Idea: The Madonnas!

This is probably the best group costume that I have ever been a part of. We all love Madonna so we decided that we would each be one of her signature looks Material girl, Like a Virgin, Express Yourself, Don’t Tell Me, then we added in The Original Madonna for fun. The costumes were a combination of thrift store finds and homemade creations.

I was the Material Girl Madonna and found a second hand prom dress which I altered to be more in line with the dress from the video, I made the bow with extra fabric from the dress and an old plastic headband. The white “fur” wrap was just fuzzy fabric from the fabric store and the jewelry was a combination of kids princess jewelry and a necklace that I found at a second hand store. The gloves I had to order on line, which was the second most expensive part of the costume, next to the dress, I would say I spent around 50 dollars total to create the costume.

Some of the other girls spent more like 20-30 depending on how much of their costumes they made. The Original Madonna, I’m thinking she spent around 20 dollars for fabric. We all also shared and borrowed what we had that we thought would work for the costumes with each other.

The hunt and creations of the costumes was perhaps the most fun part of the whole project. Express yourself Madonna drove us all in her minivan to the Replay Lounge, in Lawrence, KS (where everyone dresses up), we got some great looks at stop lights! Unfortunately there was no costume contest that night, or I’m sure we would have won. Throughout the evening different people would come up to talk to us and take pictures with The Madonnas, we had a blast!

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