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Last-Minute VooDoo Doll and Witch Doctor Couple Costume

Halloween 2012!  I have always made our family costumes by hand and my husband and I love to dress together for Halloween. This year we decided we really didn’t have anywhere to go to celebrate so we weren’t going to dress. Well then taking my kids to a second hand store to put their costumes together  (dressed one son and his best friend as Cheech & Chong and my youngest, well we made him a Kissing Booth).

Well anyway as I was digging through all the clothes at the ARC found an old Indian costume and decided I AM GONNA DRESS (even though I was the only one in the Law Office I work for….but there used to my eccentric self.  Turned the Indian in to a VooVoo doll with some duct tape covered wood skewers and some old plastic Christmas bulbs to make the pins. Of Course couldn’t leave the Husby out so made him a hat from a black file folder I had, cut up a shirt, a voodoo stick from old Halloween decorations and painted him up and HERE WE ARE!!!

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