My husband and I host a Halloween party every year with a couple of our good friends.  We have been many characters/costumes over the years and the only rule we have is… we can’t be something we have already been.  Over the time we have been dressing up, we have made a contest with ourselves on how can we get a good costume without spending a fortune.  This year in both costumes we have approximately $50 total.  Needless to say, I was very happy with that.

To start off with my dress, I purchased a clearance dress from a local bridal shop… which was the most expensive thing we bought.  We made “stick pins” from cake pop sticks and styrofoam balls.  After a little destruction of the pretty dress, I glued a small piece of foam to the chest of the dress and added a felt heart.  Adding a few more details, with some jute string and fabric swatches, the dress was complete.  I wore my hair in pigtails and added some stick pins to my hair, painted my face and was good to go.

For our witch doctor costume, we used a grass skirt that we had and added some bells, bones and such to make noise as he walked.  We used an old shirt that I had from when I was the high school mascot as a Redskin, turned it inside out and added some fabric scraps in an animal print, some black paint and fake bugs.  He wore a long black wig made of dreads and we added a plastic skull and bone to the head with hotglue.  We finished his costume off with a bone through the nose and a little face paint.