After being together for almost five months my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to dress up for Halloween.  We knew we wanted our costumes to match and go together but we weren’t sure what we wanted to do.  I had always liked making my own costumes and was excited to come up with two costumes this year as a challenge.  In the past I had paired normal dress with a gory twist somewhere in the mix and I wanted to continue the trend this year with my boyfriend.  Finally we decided to dress fancy and classy but to have half our face missing flesh and revealing bone. Yay for a gruesome prom date!

How we did it: He wore an old tux (previously used for prom) and an undershirt he already had. I wore a black dress (Previously used from a dance) regular tights (I already owned), knee high converse and a leather jacket to toughen up the look some (and to help keep warm!)

The outfit was the easy part but putting the makeup on was really fun and a great way to bond :) (That is AFTER I convinced him to let me put makeup on him Haha!) For the makeup we purchased white cream face paint, makeup sponges/ brushes, and a small tube of fake blood for around $15 in total then used old pencil eyeliners for the black.

I curled my hair and did half of my face with normal makeup and used a picture of a skull from Google/ YouTube tutorials as reference to where I would draw the bones/ shadows on the two of us. Lastly I added a highlight with a nude color to the edge of the white and a sliver of blood as a final 3-d look.

**Side note: DRAW WITH BLACK FIRST, then paint in the white otherwise the cream makeup will smudge and the black will not show up!

We had so much fun with this and loved the reactions of “WOAH HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” We can’t wait to dress up again next Halloween.