We procrastinated and waited until last day for Halloween party to find a costume. Since he already has shaved head he decided on idea of being Gru (big fans of the Depsicable Me movies) with a sexy Minion. Ended up going to Walmart and found a cheap zip up jacket. Bought XXL as he knew we had football shoulder pads (3 boys that play football at home) to wear underneath to make the bulky look.

Also found a grey scarf and we just painted the black lines on it. Figured would just wear black pants and black shoes and put on a little makeup. At the last second he then came up with funny idea of wearing black tights to make legs look skinny like the character. Borrowed wife’s black tights for that one. Created a fake nose for effect (aluminum foil and masking tape) and used a little makeup.

The Minion costume was even easier. Already had denbinm shorts, bought yellow shirt cut it up and painted logo on front. Bought cheap toy hat and suspenders. Printed out pictures of Minion eyes and glued it on hat. In a matter of a couple of hours had a great couples costume and we were the hit of our Halloween party. People loved the tights. Pictures went up on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, and immediately received positive feedback. Hundreds of likes and comments.