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Last Minute Costume from State Farm Insurance Commercial

This was a last minute costume. While watching TV, a State Farm commercial played.  I had no idea what my costume would be, but the clouds did part as soon as I saw Jimmys Mom yell, “Six callers ahead of us, Jimmy!” Boom. Done.

I ventured out to Goodwill where I found an ugly old lady sweatshirt, an old phone, and a few odds and ends to put on my wall. I got lucky and found old wallpaper there as well. I used a big piece of cardboard as my wall, glued on my wallpaper, cut a hole through it for my arm and just held the bottom up. I removed the inside of the phone, as I wanted to make sure it would hold as well as not being too heavy.

I hot glued everything on and Voila! I went to the dollar store for the dry erase board and picked up a pair of reading glasses and just removed the lenses.

This costume was cheap to make and people LOVED it! We even made our own State Farm commercial! It’s original and had so much fun when it all came together!

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